Cightech has a hybrid structure of a pyramid-like management team linked to association members’ network all work as coherent allies or a family. Actually, management team including CEO and fellows, discovers and organizes the potentials of associate members and integrate them in a high-tech topic. The management team gain human resources and funding normally from governmental or industrial resources. During the project, any partner of the project contributes in conducting research and Cightech’s management team organizes the whole process to keep the coherency of association members and increase the efficiency of the project development.

Management Team

Dr. Hamid Reza Bahari
Dr Hamid Reza Bahari
Director of CIGHTECH


Dr. Mehdi Dehghani
Technologist and Professional Consultant (Solar Cell and Nanotechnology)

Dr. Farhad Larki
Technologist and Professional consultant (Graphene and Spintronics)

Maliheh Bahari
Technologist and Aesthetic Consultant (Communication Technology and Industrial Design)

Saber Youzbashi
Consultant (Business Developer, Market Analyst)

Hossein Bahari
Consultant (Advertisement and Marketing)

Zahra Akbarnavaz
Financial Manager

Nahid Ghaziani
Technologist (Medical Nanophotonics)

Dr. Alam Abedini

Dr. Alam Abedini
Technologist and Professional consultant (Nanoparticles)

Shamsoddin Ghiami
Consultant (Sustainable Energies and Systems)


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