Why you need Cightech?

Academic associate members of Cightech may be interested in research ideas that bring them a new source of funding that is also free of charge for them. Actually, it is our honor to work alongside to our associate member as a team. Our industrial members also, may pay for novel ideas and contribute to developing new technologies for their financial benefits. In addition, some more ideas, as well as human resources, may be supplied by inviting and supporting young researchers. Moreover, the governments also may be interested in supporting our entrepreneurship integrated proposals due to its impact on economy and society.


Cightech will construct teams including associate members to work cohesively in a friendly environment, with a feeling of unity and without any conflict. In our view, academic and industrial partners are not our customers rather they are associate members of Cightech family. Actually, our ultimate goal is to work continuously and permanently like a family and gain common benefit.

Cightech: An International Effort to Transfer New Ideas to Real Products.

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